Inforum’s partnership with CleanDrop - iGroop

Two active suppliers join forces to bring you new offers
January 22, 2020 by
Inforum’s partnership with CleanDrop - iGroop
INFORUM, Elsa Kopp

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David Berardozzi & David Espic

The CleanDrop / Inforum partnership was signed on Thursday 19 December 2019. Our teams also met on Friday 17 January 2020 to define an action plan to highlight the synergy between the two suppliers specialized in the dry cleaning profession.

We will soon provide our customers with extra commercial offers and the possibility to manage CleanDrop’s connected lockers with the order process of GestiClean.

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French manufacturer of connected lockers for Dry cleaners & Laundries

CleanDrop has been bringing innovations in the textile care business for 10 years. The connected locker pioneer aims at making available 24/7 dry cleaning and laundry services. The CleanDrop kiosk is like a mailbox dedicated to laundry, and becomes your new physical and digital assistant available at any moment for your customers.

This solution helps dry cleaners making their catchment area wider and allows them to bring the service closer to their customers. The connected lockers are installed in high traffic areas at a moderate rent. They offer opening hours adapted to the users.

CleanDrop is a French company located in Paris, Marseille and Annecy. We accompany you in your development projects in France and abroad.

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Software editor specialized in Dry cleaning & Laundry

Inforum was created in 1992 and is now the French market leader with GestiClean, the software program specialized in dry cleaning shop management. Besides, Inforum offers complete software solutions for the textile care market, dry cleaners & laundries.

Inforum equips small shops and also bigger organizations (franchises, chains), and other profiles as well, like shoe repair shops, concierge services…

Inforum is located in Haute-Savoie. We accompany our customers all across France and abroad. Technical support, follow-up and customer care are our priorities.

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CleanDrop’s connected lockers

CleanDrop offers automation solutions for laundry drop-off and withdrawal in the form of a self-service locker. It brings dry cleaning users an extra service to enjoy their free time as they avoid Saturday’s crowd.

CleanDrop’s lockers are compact and modular. Three different types are available to facilitate drop-off and withdrawal of clothes (flat or folded) and duvets, coats, long dresses on hangers. Easy to install: you just need to plug the locker and it is ready to welcome customers.

CleanDrop’s lockers are totally customizable with your corporate identity. The interactive screen displays your expertise and helps new customers discover your services.

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GestiClean V10 software

GestiClean leads the French dry cleaning cash management software market. This tool is developed by profession specialists. As such, it is complete and perfectly adapted to the dry cleaners’ needs: conveyor management, customer with end of month invoicing, complete solutions for chains and franchises…

Some of our customers: Sequoia, Aqualogia, Kunz TM, Baleo, Koala, Wartner, Bel et Blanc...

GestiClean is a specialized solution used daily by over 900 dry cleaning stores in France and abroad:

- Facile à prendre en main
- Logiciel complet et paramétrable
- Contrat de support en option

Available soon...

- The interface between CleanDrop’s lockers & GestiClean V10

- An extra commercial offer from both your suppliers 

Stay connected!

David Espic (CleanDrop), David Berardozzi (Inforum), Sylvain Viart (CleanDrop)

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Inforum’s partnership with CleanDrop - iGroop
INFORUM, Elsa Kopp January 22, 2020