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A technical team in the service of our customers

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Avantages du contrat de support GestiClean : sérénité, déblocage et assistance, maintenance préventive et possibilité de mise en place des sauvegardes automatiques.

Dernière mise à jour le 01/06/2022
Données statistiques depuis le 22/01/2020,
of our support interventions received the best evaluation by our customers
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number of interventions under support contract

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What is the price for GestiClean’s support contract?

The price differs according to the number of GestiClean licences used:
- 1 licence = €33 a month
- 2 to 5 licences = €27,50€ a month by licence
- 6 licences and more = €23 a month by licence

The following options may be added to the contract:
- garment conveyor link = €21 a month
- garment conveyor link and delivery arm = €23€ a month
- automatic data back-up* = €11 a month by licence 

* Automatic save may be implemented only for computers with Windows 10 or higher with stable internet connection.

What is included in the support contract?

Your support contract allows you to:
- contact our technical department when you have a question concerning the use of GestiClean
- get corrective and scalable maintenance during our technicians’ interventions
- enjoy automatic software updates

The support contract is exactly like an insurance contract. The monthly installment is due every month, whether the contracting party requests interventions from our technical department or not. As written, the support contract is not limited to the requests to our technical department.

How to request an intervention from our technical department?

1. Call us at  +33(0)4 50 37 15 29, a member of our sales team will note your request down.

2. A technician calls you back as quickly as possible according to your request’s emergency degree. This allows us to call first the customers with blocked software. The interventions are remote, by phone and with remote access via TeamViewer (internet connection is highly recommended).

You may also take an appointment and be called back when you are in the shop.

3. You receive an e-mail to rate our intervention.

What are the technical department’s operating hours?

The technical department’s operating hours are 9am to 12am and 2pm to 6pm, from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays and other occasional closed days at Inforum.

How does our service rating work?

Each customer receives an e-mail after an intervention by the technical support. In this e-mail, we invite you to rate the quality of the exchanges with our team.

It is quick:

 1. Smiley choice
2. Possibility to leave a comment (optional)
3. Validation 

Our goal is to have as many ratings as possible in order to improve our service quality and meet our customers’ expectations.

Contract Commitment & Termination

- 1-year commitment, renewable by tacit agreement.
- Contract termination by the customer: it is possible to end the contract by sending a mail (SARL INFORUM, 115 avenue Pasteur, 74800 La Roche-sur-Foron) or e-mail ( Then, you will be contacted by our team to confirm the contract termination.

Is an intervention possible if I do not have the support contract?

Our support contract is optional. Customers with no support contract may pay their interventions €90 an hour, or €45 a half hour. Software updates are invoiced €145.

Any question?

Contact our sales team 
+33(0)4 50 37 15 29